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Not Really Thought-Provoking

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley's cautionary tale of the price of contentment has been lauded as his prophetic masterpiece, unfortunately upon finishing "Brave New World" I found neither a masterpiece nor junk it was just an average book that didn't seem to have a clear story.


Huxley constructs a blissful world in which no person has connections with anyone else and everyone has a place in society, on the surface the potential introduction of a nonconformist or an individual whose worldview is totally counter to Huxley's World State seems to be the perfect material for a story. Unfortunately Huxley's narrative is rich on world building and societal construction, but not on plot or character development. In fact after finishing the book, I still had not figured out what the central conflict was.


While others might find great meaning in this book, I was left looking for something to hang an opinion on and could only find it with one word, meh.