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Entertaining, But Not As Good As Previous Books

Moving Pictures (Discworld, #10) - Terry Pratchett

Moving Pictures, Terry Pratchett's 10th venture onto Discworld, puts Hollywood and celebrity culture in it's sights as the Disc goes crazy for motion pictures. Pratchett blends a combination of his satirical Discworld humor with movie clichés, even reverse clichés, to create a fun book but not up to some of his previous efforts.


The death of the last priest of Holy Wood results in "dreams" spreading through the thin reality of the Disc touching off the discovery and inventions of motion pictures, which leads to a motion picture boom and thousands heading to Holy Wood to get in on the action. The set-up seems perfect for Pratchett to do wonders with his humor, unfortunately variations of the same jokes what were funny in the first half of the book are not so in the second. The stand out characters are not the main characters Victor and Ginger, instead it was Gaspode the Wonder Dog and the previous introduced Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler that shine throughout the book. And not all the humorous situations Pratchett creates pan out, especially the one thousand elephants ordered by Dibbler seem to build up to something only to arrive after the second or third climax.


Do not get me wrong, Moving Pictures does have it's good sections particularly those surrounding Gaspode and Dibbler, but the overall book is just okay.