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Runner of Pern

By Anne McCaffrey


Although the Dragonriders are the most famous segment of Pern society, my first introduction of Anne McCaffrey's writing.  The narrative follows Tenna, an apprentice runner, who is making her way through her first "Cross".  However, her first journey to Fort Hold becomes eventful when a runnerbeast trespasses over the grass-like Traces that were developed by and for runners only.  The bruised and wounded runner arrives at her destination and finds herself given quality care, something she had been use to giving to runners when serving with her mother before her apprenticeship.


The story itself helps give an overall cultural sense of Pern while not dealing with the famous dragonriders, except as additional details that don't effect the story.  Tenna is fully fleshed out for such a young person, though on Pern you have to grow up fast, but still has foibles like all young people including making mistakes and thinking they have it all figured out.  Overall a very good story and makes me interested in looking more into Pern in the future.


4 1/2 STARS