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A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin



Tyrion XIII 8/10

--Tyrion watches along with Joffrey as the Blackwater burns as does both fleets thanks to the boom chain that Bronn had raised, the King wants to be doing something so he's escorted to the three trebuchet.  News comes of an attack on the King's Gate, Tyrion goes there with Pod and Ser Mandon Moore.  The Hound won't lead a sortie because of the fire, so Tyrion leads it.


Sansa VI 6/10

--Sansa endures Cersei's snide remarks as she presides over the banquet she's giving to all the ladies she has under her protection.  Cersei tells Sansa that Ser Ilyn is to kill all of them if the city should fall.


Tyrion XIV 8/10

--Tyrion is racing across the battlefield on the north side of the Blackwater as part of the sortie he's leading.  They notice that the hulks of various ships have created a bridge that Stannis' men are using to cross the river, they charge to the ships and battle.  The bridge starts coming apart, Mandon seems to help Tyrion but then tries to kill him.  Tyrion is wounded, but survives but Mandon attempts to finish the job only for Pod to kill him to save Tyrion.


Sansa VII 7/10

--Lancel brings news that battle is going badly, Cersei leaves the banquet hall angrily making everyone nervous but Sansa makes a "don't worry" speech before leaving herself.  She races to her room and finds the Hound there, she sings for him before he leaves the city.  Dontos arrives a while later to tell her the city has been saved by Lord Tywin, Lord Tyrell, and King Renly!


Daenerys V 7/10

--Dany takes up Dothraki clothing again to find a ship out of Qarth as everyone has turned against her after she burned down the House of the Undying.  After rejecting or being rejected by non-Qartheen ship captains, Ser Jorah points out an old man and a fat scared eunuch that has been following them.  But then an assassination attempt by the warlocks takes place only for the old man to save Dany's life.  She learns that the old man is Arstan Whitebeard who is squire to Strong Belwas, a former pit fighter, who is in service to Magister Illyrio who has sent three ships for her.


Arya X 7/10

--Arya's days as Nan the cupbearer for Lord Bolton allow for more time, but she feels that it's not going to last.  After asking if she could go north with Lord Bolton, he refuses.  She gets Gendry and Hot Pot to escape Harrenhal before Bolton leaves it with Vargo Hoat in charge.  Arya kills a Bolton guardsmen so the three can leave the castle.


Sansa VIII 7/10

--The aftermath of the Battle of the Blackwater takes place in the Great Hall.  Tywin formally takes up his position as Hand of the King, the Tyrells and Littlefinger are rewarded.  Sansa is discarded by Joffrey for Margaery Tyrell.  The ceremony goes for a while, afterwards Sansa goes to the godswood to met Ser Dontos who gives her a black amethyst hairnet to wear to Joffrey's wedding to Margaery which is when she will escape.


Theon VI 8/10

--With hundreds of northmen headed to Winterfell, Theon loses some of his ironborn who decided to head to Asha.  When the force arrives, Theon threatens to kill hostages during negotiations.  Afterwards Maester Luwin attempts to get Theon to join the Night's Watch and he almost does it when another force attacks the Stark loyalists and defeats them.  The force is Bolton men led by Reek, or more correctly Ramsey Snow the bastard of Roose Bolton.  Ramsey and his men then attack the ironborn and burn down Winterfell.


Tyrion XV 7/10

--Tyrion has fever dreams over the course of days and has visions of various individuals looking over him.  He finally wakes up long enough to learn of his condition and overall situation.  He orders Pod to get Bronn to guard his room and to get a new Maester looking over him.


Jon VIII 9/10

--Qhorin and Jon are all that are left of their scout group, Qhorin orders Jon to yield and join the Free Folk when the time comes and learn what they're doing.  When they are surrounded Jon does as he is ordered, but is forced to fight Qhorin to prove his loyalty. With an assist from Ghost, Jon kills the legendary ranger and is accepted by Ygritte and other wildlings against Rattleshirt, the Lord O'Bones.


Bran VII 8/10

--Bran, Rickon, the Reed, Osha, and Hodor were in the Winterfell crypts the entire time since their escape.  Bran sees through Summer's eyes Winterfell burning before coming out of the wolfdream and getting everyone outside.  They find Maester Luwin in the godswood who gives them advice, separate the Starks.  Osha, Rickon, and Shaggydog head east while Bran, Hodor, the Reeds, and Summer head north.


End of the Book, Review tomorrow.