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The Last Continent (Discworld #22, Rincewind #6)

The Last Continent (Discworld, #22) - Terry Pratchett

Once again Rincewind is running for his life and saving the day as a byproduct, but this time he gets to be drunk so no worries.  The Last Continent is Terry Pratchett’s 22nd installment of Discworld, the sixth to feature his first main character (Rincewind), is the location that most of the action in and around the flat world is centered but while the last built it happens to have the oldest land as well which has interesting effects on a wizard search party looking to find their lost colleague.  And we find out how duckbilled platypus’ came to be.


The Librarian is sick and keeps on turning into different things, whether another animal, plant, or inanimate object, and the faculty of the Unseen University figure out they need to find Rincewind to help heal their ape colleague.  However Rincewind has been struggling across the red desert continent of XXXX and meeting interesting Eckians, who attack him when he asks about rain.  Unfortunately for the inept wizard, the continent’s creator has taken an interest in him and sent a trickster god to led Rincewind to save the day.  These two storylines are interconnected through time travel and the power of the gods, resulting in hilarity.


Throughout the entire book Pratchett keeps the humor and the narrative going forward, yet the quality is not consistent throughout.  Both storylines take a bit to finally get going and some of the jokes were told too many times, but once the stories were going along the tiring jokes can’t impede the reader’s progress only annoy them.


The Last Continent is an example of a really good Rincewind book as Terry Pratchett uses his first main character’s unique traits shine and enhances a very well written narrative.  In my reading of Discworld, Rincewind books are either really good or just okay, except for Eric which was just not good, and I can say that this particular installment from the Discworld is a worth to read.