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Towers of Midnight (WoT #13)

Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, #13; A Memory of Light, #2) - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson

Pieces Fall Into Place for The Last Battle


Towers of Midnight, Brandon Sanderson's second outing in The Wheel of Time series, built upon foundations laid in The Gathering Storm to set up the series' final volume in outstanding fashion. The main story arc of the book was that of Perrin, not only seen through his POV but also that of Galad, Faile, Egwene, and Graendal to sum extent. The two major secondary story arcs were of Egwene in the White Tower and Mat in his own unique preperations for The Last Battle, each told not only by their own POVs but by other POV characters as well. Other arcs that where touched upon were events in The Black Tower, Rand's movements in his own preparations for The Last Battle seen mostly by other characters, and the opening fighting of The Last Battle.


This book brought the timeline for Perrin and Mat along with a few others up to where Rand and Egwene's had ended in The Gathering Storm, knowing this fact helps when both see visions of Rand and when Perrin witness' Rand's epiphany on Dragonmount in The Wolf Dream. Sanderson introduces a few new POV characters to help bring to life event that will supposedly be important in A Memory of Light, the series final volume. If there are any negatives in this book, it's the reference to events that supposedly happened in previous books that I don't remember reading making one think you've missed something in the previous 12 books.


As the penultimate volume of The Wheel of Time, Towers of Midnight is a excellent book not only in it's own right but also as a set up to the finale A Memory of Light.