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The Great Hunt (WoT #2)

The Great Hunt - Robert Jordan

A Great Book by itself, A Fantastic Installment in the Series


Where do I begin in reviewing Robert Jordan's The Great Hunt? Starting almost on the heels of The Eye of the World, the action begins almost immediately for Rand Al'Thor as he wants to leave his friends for their own safety because of his ability to channel, only for events to change his plans. Throughout the book Rand is in a continual struggle to define himself while trying to save the same friends he wants to leave behind. While Rand continues to be the primary protagonist/point-of-view character, others come more into shape such as Perrin, Egwene, a commander of the Whitecloaks, Min, and the evil Padan Fain that help better bring Jordan's world into shape.


As the second book of The Wheel of Time series, The Great Hunt not only is an excellent book by itself but also adds to the story arc that makes you want to read the next book in the series right away.