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Understanding Revelation in One Day

Understanding Revelation in One Day - Roger Miller

A Good Overview


The first thing to know when reading this book is that it comes from the theological perspective of being a Seventh-day Adventist (SDA), which Dr. Roger Miller is. In the book nearly every verse of Revelation is put down in print and examined by using other verses found other parts of the Bible, particularly the Book of Daniel. When talking about this Dr. Miller himself described this book as a more a study guide then a truly in-depth study of the Book of Revelation and at the beginning of this book explains how a reader goes about interpreting Bible prophecies. The book is not without mistakes, which Dr. Miller has acknowledged can be found in his text, mostly with historical details and never to Biblical passages. Overall, this book is a good guide when delving into a Biblical study of the Book of Revelation.


Disclaimer: Dr. Roger Miller and I co-lead the Adult Sabbath School I attend. Also I went to high school, 16 years ago, with two of his daughters though he and I never meet at that time.