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Worthless as Both a Novel and Political Manifesto

Philip Dru: Administrator - Edward Mandell House

After finishing "Philip Dru: Administrator", the best thing I can say about it is that author Edward Mandell House might have created a semi-autobiographical character to explain the political boss system the dominated American politics for nearly half a century. The story of a former West Point graduate who leads a revolution against a corrupt government is not even believable and the 1 million man battle of Elma is laughable. To call the main characters, Dru and Gloria, flat would be an install to every flat character ever written. And the dialogue is for the most part preachy, but not even written well. The novel is just awful and it best to be avoid by anyone wanting to read for literary pleasure.


The edition of the book was printed by the Robert Welch Press, named after the founder of the John Birch Society. The foreword is written by William Norman Grigg and unfortunately reveals an individual who has conspiracies on the brain. Many individuals believe this book is a blueprint for the socialism taking over the American government based on the fact that Edward Mandell House was an adviser to President Woodrow Wilson and later President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Individuals like Mr. Grigg point to all the "socialist" things that happened during the Wilson and later FDR as evidence to this conspiracy, unfortunately they ignore the fact that all these supposedly "socialist" things had been in the political landscape for nearly 50-100 years previous to being enacted. While it was true that House was an adviser to Wilson, the two had a massive falling out during the Versailles Peace Conference, and House never advised really advised FDR and "Philip Dru: Administrator" was just read for possible ideas to help during the Great Depression.


To anyone who believes this book is a blueprint for a socialist conspiracy to topple the American way of life or capitalism, I'm sorry but no. This is just a awful novel written by a politically connected individual, but not a powerful one.