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A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin



Daenerys III 7/10

--Dany is denied help from the rulers of Qarth, but Quaithe tells her to go to Asshai to find truth after witnessing a firemage climb a flaming ladder.  She decides to go the House of the Undying.


Tyrion IX 8/10

--Myrcella leaves for Dorne, but Joffrey starts a riot on the way back to the Red Keep.  Most of the royal party makes it back to the castle, though Sansa makes it only back unharmed thanks to the Hound.  Tyrion slaps Joffrey around...that'll be important later.


Davos II 10/10

--Stannis is refused by the commander of Storm's End, the King calls Davos to talk with him instead of the high lords who switched from Renly to him.  Stannis asks Davos to row underneath the castle again, only with Melisandre as a passenger this time.  Once they arrived, Davos witnesses the Red Priestess give birth to a shadow...that looks like Stannis.


Jon V 7/10

--The rest of the Watch expedition arrives at the Fist, days later than expected.  Qhorin Halfhand leads them and asks about Jon's wolf before meeting Mormont.  As Jon is serving the two food, Qhorin requests Jon and Ghost join him as part of his scouting party to find Mance Raydor.


Tyrion X 8/10

--Tyrion orders Bywater to seize Tommen and take Rosby as it's new lord.  Upon learning Stannis had taken Storm's End, Tyrion plans to move Shae into the Red Keep.


Catelyn VI 6/10

--Edmure leaves Riverrun to face the Lannisters in battle, he is victorious after numerous attempts by the Westlanders to ford the Red Fork.