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The Complete Sherlock Holmes 2 -  Arthur Conan Doyle, Kyle Freeman

The Return of Sherlock Holmes


"The Adventure of the Empty House"


A mysterious death brings Sherlock Holmes out of hiding after allowing the world, and his friend Dr. John Watson, believe he was dead.  Immediately the two friends go on an adventure as one of Moriarty's henchmen that got away, attempts to kill Sherlock only to be captured by the famous detective and charge with the first murder not attempting to murder Holmes.




"The Adventure of the Norwood Builder"


Holmes and Watson receive a client begging for help because he his implicated in the murder of a man who just named him as his heir.  The police arrive to arrest their client, but Holmes believes things are not as they seem though he is frustrated in his deductions.  Then a bloody thumbprint that seemingly condemns his client is found, Holmes uses it to find the "victim" alive and well.


3 1/2 STARS


"The Adventure of the Dancing Men"


A venerable country squire asks Holmes for help in trying to figure out whom is terrorizing his wife and cause property damage in the process.  The squire and Holmes interact several times until Holmes discovers distressing news, which makes him and Watson race to the squire's home only to arrive too late for their client is dead and his wife is severely wounded.  But Holmes assists the local police in the investigation resulting in arresting the the surprised culprit.


4 1/2 STARS